Saturday, May 12, 2012

Summer is almost here...

The days are getting warmer, longer, and harder to send the babes off to school.  The countdown has begun!!  We see that glorious light at the end of the school tunnel.  Oh how my family loves summer.  And oh how I love my family :)

Sooo...  So long school!  So long alarm clocks and carpool!  So long sewing/crafting!  There will only be time for chasing children and cleaning all their messes.  Well paid job?  NO.  Appreciated job?  NO.  Best job in the world?  TOTALLY!!!  

I do have a couple of photos I snapped ever so quickly before zipping off.  They all make me smile!  Wish I were better at taking pics, but usually I finish the work and then race out the door to deliver it.  One day I'll be organized (ha! ha!).  Fun fact: a sweet gentleman in my life calls me "Piddles".  You get the picture :). So here's what I have to offer... 

It's she adorable?? Totally in love! I have decided that the combination of pink and aqua is THE color combination of the season. Along with a zillion others I'm sure.  Next up, pink/aqua tote for yours truly! 

Here's a yummy baby gift. Triple trouble survival kit is what you call that! Zip out the door with these supplies and you're set for a little shopping trip. I vote Anthropologie. Goodness, gives me goosies just thinking about it :) 

Now back to girl!  Baby shower gift.  Her sweet onesie is in a cupcake box & the tutu around the outside.  Just lovely.

Now this is just for fun. Look at my new table decor! Stinkin' cute baby frogs! Just squeal... Didn't that feel good?!

Here's to warm days, loud children, and chaos.  Life is good!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Twirly Skirts

Here are a couple of pictures of my work this week. Twirly skirts with coodinating tops. Totally edible, I could just eat them up! A sweet lady asked me to make them because her bitty cutie pie needs new church clothes. Do you hear my little "yippee!!"? I myself am a huge fan of church. So, bitty one will be blessed dearly and look so stinkin' cute at the same time. It just makes me smile!

Now the second outfit. So miffed at myself for forgetting to put the matching headband in the photo, but too late now. It's totally cute though. There's a third outfit but I ran out of time to take pics. Maybe tomorrow... Well, maybe not - I'll be at church. Smile.

That's the end of my little story for now. Off to my happily ever after. I can hear all the babes upstairs screaming, laughing, and playing some wild game with their dad. Dying to join them :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Glorious Girls

Happy Saturday morning to you! All the babes and hubby happily in bed sleeping. Enjoying the quiet morning. A little coffee, fruit, and Adele. If only a fire were burning...

So, a super wonderful family I know is about to pop with pinky #2. It's just too exciting! Mommy and big sister are beautiful, so this little bundle has no choice but to follow suit. AND, they're oh so girly (Do you see me beaming from ear to ear?? I could just break out with a little chearleading spirit!!). Here's their sister shirts.

Yes, headbands. It's like the bow on a package. These are gifts from God you know! The design I put on them was actually a Sew Poshy creation - how fancy is that! I have grand software to design amazing things, I just don't know how to use it. This project gave me a little practice. I should take more classes, but I play too hard (giggle, giggle, just ask my hubby). Close ups? Absolutely...

So there you go. Smooches to the sisters. And smooches to my sister, she's amazing! Nothing in life compares to a sister. If you have one, cherish her.

Thought I would give you a peek at a few more pics. I haven't blogged alot recently. It's all to do with my KISS. "Keep It Simple Sista." It does magical things in my life. Ever read If You Take A Mouse To School? Yeah, that's me. So when I remember to KISS, life is much easier. And then I have more time to kiss, if you're following me. (I just cracked myself up!) Here's baby girl's new leggings:

She's wild and crazy, just like these pants! Tutu is from a Christmas production she danced in. And the topless part, well that's just her everyday attire around the house. Had to bribe her to keep the pants on for a photo. They quickly came off as soon as I was finished. I think she kept the tutu on though. Hold on while I get lost in that happy memory...

We went to a birthday party last weekend and here's our gift.

This has a zipper. Ooooh, aaaaaah. I have been working on zippers these days. BTW, I don't like them and they don't like me. Yuck. I've been sewing for so many years and have never perfected this skill. The time has come. One day I will conquer a silly zipper!

Now I'm off. I hear pitter patter upstairs. Sleeping house is now awake. And yes, I'm smiling huge. Off to kiss (literally) my babes! Kiss yours today too!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Horrible picture?? Yes!!! Don't ask why, long story... It totally contributes to the fact that I haven't blogged in forever, but that's not today's story.

THIS is a story about Carnival Aprons. Okay, lovely side note -- that's my rump in my favorite Miss Me Jeans :). You smiled too, didn't you?! (Back to topic!) I have a super friend that is having a Carnival Party & needed some carnival aprons. It's red and white striped fabric. NO, I don't like sewing things like this. But I found myself offering my services right up when I knew they were an important part of the party. I even started making them immediately and have been sewing off and on throughout the day trying to finish them. A few minutes ago I started laughing at myself for the craziness!! Why am I so intent on creating something sooo basic, soooo not poshy, and certainly sooo not girly??????? And while feeding that silly fabric through my sewing machine, the realization came over me...

This is a tiny, bitty gift I am making for one of the sweetest people I know. My friend, M, is a God-send to me. During my darkest days of life, she was the only friend to rescue me. I had lost a very dear person in my life and was drowning in sorrow. Drowning. Badly. I will never forget the day she wrapped me in her arms on the floor of my basement and made the sun come out again. It was pure unconditional love. Since that time we have grown closer, grown wiser, and had the most fun ever. M brings pure happiness to my life. M is the bomb. M makes me do the happy dance. M is getting some super cute aprons from Sew Poshy with a big, fat kiss!!!!

Never forget to tell the people around you that they rock and you love them. Bet it makes them smile!!

BYW, this not so girly fabric is actually posh, it's Michael Miller :) What a lovely surprise for me!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bella's Halloween Bag

It's that time of year again... We now refer to Halloween as "Creepy Time." I still can't wrap loving arms around this holiday. All of my children seem fasinated with creepy time though. I'm sure it's the lure of candy jackpots and getting to dress up in wonderful costumes. I suppose I'll have to decorate the mantle again. I even might have to set out something orange (gross). BTW, the color orange makes my top 3 list of things I don't like. Well, maybe I can make a glitter pumpkin. That makes me smile!!

Now back to pink! Here's the newest trick or treat bag. Another amazing design from Embroitique! I would love to meet Ms. Embroitique and smooch her cheek. I can always count on something divine from her. Soooo, this "creepy" bag gets some posh. It only proves that there is no occasion where pink and sparkles don't fit in.

This bag has actually stirred the pot at my house... Suppose I'll be making a few more of them. Sounds like an all nighter :) (Yes, they're worth it!!!) Have you ever thought about what you want your children to remember about you the most? For me, love ranks up there pretty high. There's lots of it to go around - spread a little around (or alot!).

Tutu Madness

Oh my, this was quite the sparkly day! Two fabu tutus and two very happy girls. They are the sweetest little duo that performed in a fall festival for their screaming fans (okay, I was the only one screaming). When we found out about our performance, the little divas went right to planning their outfit. It was so amazing to see how detail oriented they both were and even quite particular about the shades of pink they picked. So while they played away all evening, I was Cinderella. I worked until 3:30 in the morning and got back up early the next morning to finish them. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!! It just feels good to make children a priority in life. :) Drown them in love, teach them how to be a lady/gentleman, and show them how to love Christ. Come on Mommies, let's be warriors!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ellie's Bloomers

Oh, there is nothing cuter than a tiny baby toosh AND in fabulous bloomers! Where's the gigantic hair bow to match???! These are my most absolute, all time favorite bloomers to monogram on. They're super thick on the bum & embroider beautifully. The ruffles are made of the same fabric (verses eyelet). I found them at Hobby Lobby, thanks to my sweet little friend with Pink Razzles! :). The only stinker is I've only seen them in 0-6 month. No luck on other sizes... I suppose there are worse problems in life! Here's more of the loot going to little Ellie:

Lila Tueller fabric... It takes me to such happy places! Every time I look at it I giggle. I have even been skipping. You know, just like happy children do. Spread a little happy around you today. Maybe you should skip. It will make someone smile (or laugh!).