Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Ruffle Wrap

Wow! Just imagine, a cool evening out on the ball fields and your little one is sooo cold. You wrap them up in a blanket, but it drags the ground when they're running around playing with their friends. Bummer... Sew Poshy to the rescue! Look at this adorable "Ruffle Wrap." Yours truely created it. I have tested it out in the market and kids LOVE it! Mommies think it's precious. I smile when I look at them! So sweet and soft. There's plenty of room to run around in the wrap and stay warm at the same time. I shall make one for myself! Take good care of your body--it sets a great example for your children.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Newborn Bliss

Oh how sweet it is to have a newborn baby! God is good. Congrats go out to you Jennifer. I shall snuggle and smooch your little one endlessly once I get my arms around her! I know she'll be "Pretty" just like you!!! I will come bearing pink gifts galore...Give thanks to God for all you have.

Booties For A Beauty

Well, aren't these little shoes a show stopper!?! It took itty bitty pieces of fabric to make them and will fit an itty bitty Cinderella. These are the first kimono shoes I have made. I think they are absolutely delicious! Special thanks to Liberty Original for selling me her gorgeous fabric. Don't forget to give praise to others--it makes them feel good and you too!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sarah Bag

This fancy bag went to a sweet child for her birthday. (Filled with make-up Darling!) I used some of my new yummy fabric. The outside is solid pink and looks quite shy, but the inside is super bold and wild. I know a few people like that... Well, back to fabric. I shall dream up something fabulous tonight and stitch it up this week. Who will be the recipient of my random act of kindness? One never knows. You should try it yourself. Doing nice things for other people for no reason at all is lovely. Put a smile on your face and plot!

The "K" Tote

Every girl needs a precious little tote to carry her essentials around in. Soft fabric, sprinkles of flowers, trim with sparkle and even tiny heart beads. Go on, giggle! This bag goes lovely with a twirly skirt and shoes that click on your hardwood floors. I love being a lady. Always take pride in who you are.

Baby Kiersten

Sweet baby Kiersten has blessed us with her birth. I know her mommy is so happy to have a sweet little girl now. Best wishes to the family. Babies are gifts from Heaven!

Cheerleading Bag

Oh, the joy of cheerleading! Cheerleaders are the poster child of cuteness!! Sweet Kat let me monogram her squad's bags. They turned out grand. We made ponytail holders to match too. I could create endlessly for little cheerleaders. Go team-

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Peek A Boo Carrie...

Okay my dear, I didn't want to leave you wondering what will come next. This purse is so yummy I had to give you a little peek. It's only about half done, but turning out so fab! I can't wait for you to see the finished product. Do you love it? Tah, Tah!

Small Toile!

Ooooh...Aaaaah... Feast your sweet little eyes on this outfit! Stand back, here comes a royal princess! I don't think you can get any more posh than this. It's a Carter's onsie that is so super soft & bloomers made of the most darling toile. Just look at those ruffles...No one will be able to resist squealing when they see it on the beautiful child it will be gifted to! I shall not reveal her name to anyone. All gifts should be a great surprise. Her mommy is a lovely lady & I know this baby will be just as cute.

Baby Girl Set Two

Finally, the second set!
This flaunts a hot pink theme. Aren't we all a little hot some days!?! Oh Mommy, make sure to put a huge bow in your little one's hair when you take her out with these accessories. She simply must be the diva! Being a diva is divine. Go ahead and strut today. See how great it feels... (and watch your children giggle at you!)