Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Day of Remembrance...

Not often will I open up about my personal life, but today a small note. Here's my hero. This is the man who shaped my entire life. This is the strongest, smartest, most loving person you will ever lay eyes on. Today I cry tears of sorrow and tears of joy. I miss Daddy dearly, but take incredible comfort knowing he now lives in Heaven. Life is precious. Cherish all you have.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Peek at my Pixie!

Just a little peek... Just a quick glimpse of my craft room! Here's one of my little fairies. This delightful one is nestled in the chandelier in the middle of the room. I giggle every time I look at my exquisite light and think of poor Kevin (the fab handyman!). He had to individually unwrap all of the delicate crystals and drape them carefully on the light. It is truly beautiful and I thank him from the bottom of my heart. Just know you should always cherish your friends. Treat them like royalty. My love to the Hensleys!!!!

Baby Girl Set One

This sweet ensemble will be shipped out to Colorado and sold to the highest bidder. Kiss, kiss to Carrie for asking me to make yummy baby gifts!! There are two burp clothes, a diaper wipe cover, changing pad, and drawstring bag (of course). Sooo glam!! Pink and green my love--that's the theme. I will be posting another set soon... All baby girls should demand only the fanciest of accessories. I support you girls, you are worth it!

Isabella's Third Birthday

Watch out girls... Here comes a princess with one fabulous purse. Oh the joy of turning three. Look how fancy you become! Happy birthday to this beautiful child! It's lined in a grand green and pink floral print. The fringe just screams "LOOK AT ME!" I know Isabella will fill it with lovely treasures and simply strut through the room. Please, please, wear your high heels and lots of jewelry anytime you go out with this bag!

Keeley's Ballet Bag

Hello again...I haven't posted for several days, but that doesn't mean I haven't been working! I shall wow you today. First Darling, feast your little eyes on this. I completely forgot I made the ballet bag. There are princesses playing at my house today and one sweet child surfaced with this. It's a drawstring made of oh so sweet toile and satin. It has a sturdy bottom and holds itty bitty ballet slippers and teeny tiny tap shoes. There's just enough room to top it off with a twirly tulle skirt (and of course a fluffy hair bow). How dreamy...

Friday, August 21, 2009


Okay Liberty, you have properly tagged me... I am it & must now list 10 facts about myself. Certainly this will all be juicy gossip swirling around Sew Poshy! Here's the skinny:
  • Sew Poshy is tucked away in the basement of my home. My little company has been graciously given one room. But just like any other diva, she has spilled over into two adjoining rooms!
  • My Sew Poshy room is sprinkled with fairies and angels. Whimsical and beautiful things inspire me.
  • Sew Poshy is the triple threat. Her weapons consist of a sewing machine, embroidery machine, and serger.
  • Sew Poshy exists by the Grace of God! The real "Posh Boss" in this house is Christ Jesus.
  • Most of Sew Poshy's creations are designed and made in the morning... while watching Curious George of course.
  • I own no less than 12 pair of scissors. At any given time I can usually find 2 of them.
  • There are 20 boxes of ribbon on my shelves. I need at least 20 more to store the ribbon just randomly sitting around "unorganized." Oh well, my ribbon leads a gypsy's life.
  • Favs: Pink, ruffles and cute gadgets
  • Dislikes: Denim, orange and broken needles
  • There are little dollops of Lush sitting around Sew Poshy's room. Smelling luxurious scents as I piddle away on my beautiful fabrics makes me even happier.

There you have it. 10 facts. Not all important, but it gives you a little glimpse of me. Just little me. Tah Tah Darling...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Double Bubble

Super, super cute! Here's one of our "Friday Bags" to a special teacher... There are two adorable little girls who love their teacher & they wanted to each take in a surprise bag. Here's what we came up with! The poem was split in half & each child took in their goodies in separate bags. Soooo, the teacher has to get both bags before she can read her precious poem. The poem reads:
"Hooray! You survived the whole first week!
Now some relaxation we're sure you'll seek...
This should get you off to a great start.
A gift of love straight from the heart!"
I love surprises. I love to give surprises. Who shall I surprise next?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Isabella's Baby Set

Just thought I would add this for flare today too! Baby Isabella lives in Germany with her sweet family. Mommy said it made a hit. This is a diaper wipe cover, changing pad, and drawstring bag. Perfect essentials for Isabella to go out for a playdate! Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE the color pink???!! I simply feel divine when surrounded by pink. One day I'll take pics of my little craft room to show the world. Lots of pink there! Don't forget about that tiny little corner in your heart that's "kid." It certainly can add fun to your day.

Bus Driver Bag!

This little bitty baggy makes me giggle it's soooo super cute! We have the greatest bus driver in all the world and must make sure she knows what a diamond she is to everyone!!! Three adorable fabrics come together and flaunt the poshiest drawstring you can dream up! The only thing you could possibly put in this oober fancy bag would be Lush. Oh yes, Lush! Lush! Lush! Wow, kind of makes you want to drive a bus, huh? Please remember to always drive careful. Your actions affect so many people...

Teacher Survival Kits

This has been a busy day! Tomorrow school starts & we had to have special gifts for special teachers! Tah dah for this year's "Teacher Survival Kit." This is an annual tradition, but the first time I've ever documented it! What goodies are inside you ask?? Survival items of course: mouthwash, floss, stain remover, lint brush, nail clippers & file, various medicines, tissues, safety pins, sewing kit, etc. The list goes on...It's filled with lots of items your terrific teacher just might need, but might not have thought to have with them at work. Just a little warm fuzzy to make them feel extra special. After all, they are shaping the children of today into smart and responsible adults. Don't ever forget to show people around you that you love them!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Laundry Bag

Okay Girls, here is my original laundry bag. It was the first, certainly not the last, but definately one of my favs. I use it quite often. Even though it holds stinky laundry, people are attracted to it! It does scream posh. ALL girls should own one. Maybe I will dream of another creation tonight... Remember to smile. Happiness can be found everywhere you look.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kendall's Burp & Bag

I was certainly inspired by Isabella's bag... Here's another one for a baby gift that has a coordinating burp cloth. LOVE to make burps! I always use the high quality 6 ply

diapers. They sew beautifully and wash just as well. Kendall, I hope you have beautiful trinkets to fill your poshy bag with!! Always remember that Christ has a plan for your life. Take some time to talk to Him...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Isabella's Birthday Bag

Okay, another birthday bag. Must be super cute, even the little kitty kitty wanted to check it out! I think it's so much more special to have a personalized gift bag like this... And never forget how green this is--there can always be another wonderful use for their bag! No mommy would ever throw this gift bag away! Always remember that being a mother is the most important role in the world. What you are doing now is shaping your child's future. Love your babes with all your heart!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Birthday Bag

Ooh la la... Sister, why buy a birthday bag when you can make THE birthday bag. Isn't is super sweet??! Posh fabric with tiered cakes all over it and lined in pink satin (of course!). Okay, so this is wedding cake fabric, but every princess should have a birthday cake just like this. Happy birthday to the beautiful child we will celebrate with today. Here's today's tidbit from me: never forget the strength of your family. Stick together and love them with all your heart. My family is super fab!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wow little one!

Look at this child... I have two words for her: Super and Model. She will have a great future on the runway. She has poise, she has grace, she clearly has wonderful genes. I whipped up her little ensemble yesterday and she loves it. The bloomers sport her initials on the bum. Tried to get a picture of this, but the tot simply stuck her rear in the air to show off her monogram. Wasn't exactly a flattering pose. She is beautiful. Don't forget to kiss somebody you love today.

Okay, blue can be cool too.

Little boys are just as wonderful! Okay, so my burp cloth has a ruffle... Joey can be man enough to pull it off. One great throw up on it and it will look rugged. Doing this work put "Joy" in my heart!

Here's some little girl fun....

Oh how I love to make things for baby girls! This is a little set I made for someone for a shower. Do you think little Emily loved it? My fav is the burp cloth. All girls look divine when surrounded by pink.

My First Blog...

Good morning! My household is up and at full speed. Just wanted to put a short note down before we go outside to play. Would love to show you photos of some past work I've done. Make sure to smile today and be kind to others.