Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ellie's Bloomers

Oh, there is nothing cuter than a tiny baby toosh AND in fabulous bloomers! Where's the gigantic hair bow to match???! These are my most absolute, all time favorite bloomers to monogram on. They're super thick on the bum & embroider beautifully. The ruffles are made of the same fabric (verses eyelet). I found them at Hobby Lobby, thanks to my sweet little friend with Pink Razzles! :). The only stinker is I've only seen them in 0-6 month. No luck on other sizes... I suppose there are worse problems in life! Here's more of the loot going to little Ellie:

Lila Tueller fabric... It takes me to such happy places! Every time I look at it I giggle. I have even been skipping. You know, just like happy children do. Spread a little happy around you today. Maybe you should skip. It will make someone smile (or laugh!).

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