Saturday, February 20, 2010

Zoe's Gift

Here's baby Zoe's gift. Just the name alone is so incredibly cute! I made her a sweet little diaper bag with crazy fun ruffles. I hope it's a hit. I fell in love with it. I LOVE making baby gifts. Thanks to everyone who asks me to create for them! Do something soooo fun today you can't stop smiling. I did!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Boo Boo Bags

This makes me smile! Boo Boo Bags are just made from scraps of fabric and filled with white rice. Pop them in the freezer, run and get them out when your little one cries from bumps or bruises. My kids love them. Okay, I do too! I have made up another batch of these to donate to a local women's center who will give them to new mommies. All the ladies in my family work together to support the organization & we love coming up with new ideas and things to send in. I have about 50! So many little hands have scooped rice for days to fill them. Truely they are filled with love!!!

Car Bag

Here is a sweet bag I have made for a mommy and her little angel. It is designed to hook (on the backside) to her carseat and hold all her toys. No pink????!?? Well, the mommy decided that her sweet child had everything pink, and this would be a nice change. So here's my funny: all of the inside stitching was done with pink thread! I giggled the entire time I was making it. So fear not girly girls, there's pink inside!! With that, today's tip is to think outside of the box. (And don't forget to giggle.)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Black & White Bag

This sweet bag was ordered by one of my most favorite customers. I really enjoyed making it while visiting with some of my best friends!! Super girly, super cute. It was made to be a laundry bag. How posh is it to go on vacation and be able to separate your clean clothes from dirty ones (and with such style, of course!) I have made these bags for several people in my family & it's always a hit. Mine is really big to accomodate the babes and myself. Goes with us on weekend trips & all our summer vacas. I have made them for others who simply use it for their dry cleaning. Why not surprise someone you love with one? I am a firm believer in random acts of kindness. Try it, you'll like it!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gymnastics Leo

Look at this little cutie. I made her a special leo for gymnastics. If you could only see the huge smile on her face! (Sorry folks, this child is under the Posh Protection Program!) In the works are her cute little gym pants to match. They are hot pink and will have her name across the bum. Oh Darling, she is so divine! It's always a great day to be beautiful.

Hair Bows

Look how cute!!! Who knew bow making could be so fun. I decided the other day that sometimes to get what you want in life you must do it for yourself! I have made several styles already & have happy little girls wearing them. The long-tailed bows are attached to a little ponytail holder and will go to a sweet birthday girl this weekend. Don't be afraid to take charge in life ladies. Be bold, be honest, and be happy!!!