Friday, October 28, 2011

Horrible picture?? Yes!!! Don't ask why, long story... It totally contributes to the fact that I haven't blogged in forever, but that's not today's story.

THIS is a story about Carnival Aprons. Okay, lovely side note -- that's my rump in my favorite Miss Me Jeans :). You smiled too, didn't you?! (Back to topic!) I have a super friend that is having a Carnival Party & needed some carnival aprons. It's red and white striped fabric. NO, I don't like sewing things like this. But I found myself offering my services right up when I knew they were an important part of the party. I even started making them immediately and have been sewing off and on throughout the day trying to finish them. A few minutes ago I started laughing at myself for the craziness!! Why am I so intent on creating something sooo basic, soooo not poshy, and certainly sooo not girly??????? And while feeding that silly fabric through my sewing machine, the realization came over me...

This is a tiny, bitty gift I am making for one of the sweetest people I know. My friend, M, is a God-send to me. During my darkest days of life, she was the only friend to rescue me. I had lost a very dear person in my life and was drowning in sorrow. Drowning. Badly. I will never forget the day she wrapped me in her arms on the floor of my basement and made the sun come out again. It was pure unconditional love. Since that time we have grown closer, grown wiser, and had the most fun ever. M brings pure happiness to my life. M is the bomb. M makes me do the happy dance. M is getting some super cute aprons from Sew Poshy with a big, fat kiss!!!!

Never forget to tell the people around you that they rock and you love them. Bet it makes them smile!!

BYW, this not so girly fabric is actually posh, it's Michael Miller :) What a lovely surprise for me!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bella's Halloween Bag

It's that time of year again... We now refer to Halloween as "Creepy Time." I still can't wrap loving arms around this holiday. All of my children seem fasinated with creepy time though. I'm sure it's the lure of candy jackpots and getting to dress up in wonderful costumes. I suppose I'll have to decorate the mantle again. I even might have to set out something orange (gross). BTW, the color orange makes my top 3 list of things I don't like. Well, maybe I can make a glitter pumpkin. That makes me smile!!

Now back to pink! Here's the newest trick or treat bag. Another amazing design from Embroitique! I would love to meet Ms. Embroitique and smooch her cheek. I can always count on something divine from her. Soooo, this "creepy" bag gets some posh. It only proves that there is no occasion where pink and sparkles don't fit in.

This bag has actually stirred the pot at my house... Suppose I'll be making a few more of them. Sounds like an all nighter :) (Yes, they're worth it!!!) Have you ever thought about what you want your children to remember about you the most? For me, love ranks up there pretty high. There's lots of it to go around - spread a little around (or alot!).

Tutu Madness

Oh my, this was quite the sparkly day! Two fabu tutus and two very happy girls. They are the sweetest little duo that performed in a fall festival for their screaming fans (okay, I was the only one screaming). When we found out about our performance, the little divas went right to planning their outfit. It was so amazing to see how detail oriented they both were and even quite particular about the shades of pink they picked. So while they played away all evening, I was Cinderella. I worked until 3:30 in the morning and got back up early the next morning to finish them. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!! It just feels good to make children a priority in life. :) Drown them in love, teach them how to be a lady/gentleman, and show them how to love Christ. Come on Mommies, let's be warriors!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ellie's Bloomers

Oh, there is nothing cuter than a tiny baby toosh AND in fabulous bloomers! Where's the gigantic hair bow to match???! These are my most absolute, all time favorite bloomers to monogram on. They're super thick on the bum & embroider beautifully. The ruffles are made of the same fabric (verses eyelet). I found them at Hobby Lobby, thanks to my sweet little friend with Pink Razzles! :). The only stinker is I've only seen them in 0-6 month. No luck on other sizes... I suppose there are worse problems in life! Here's more of the loot going to little Ellie:

Lila Tueller fabric... It takes me to such happy places! Every time I look at it I giggle. I have even been skipping. You know, just like happy children do. Spread a little happy around you today. Maybe you should skip. It will make someone smile (or laugh!).

Monday, May 30, 2011

Bird Bag

Happy Memorial Day to all! Don't forget to call and thank your loved ones for protecting our precious country. I shall smooch my Pop and tell him how great he is!!

This is one of my latest bags. I read a blog several weeks ago about turning a pillowcase into a bag & it peeked my interest. Soooo, off shopping I went... I found a perfectly posh $2.99 set of pillowcases & went to work on my first pillowcase bag. LOVE it! I carry it everywhere now. Due to my random responsibleness (yes I made that up) and playing in the clouds all day long, I have no photo to show it to you. Just close your eyes--it's a black and silver damask print with hot pink bias tape. Can you picture it? Really yummy. Now along came my little bird bag. I didn't have the right color pillowcase for it, so I just cut out fabric in the same dimensions as a standard pillowcase. I found this sweet embroidery design on Embroidables. It stitched out so stinkin' cute! For my mother of course :) She loves birds. Even the fabric that lined the bag had fabu birds on it.

Here's a close up of the design. I love it.

I feel blessed to be able to create. I feel super blessed to be able to own a sewing machine and embroidery machine. I feel extraordinarily blessed to have the family that I do. God is great.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dress Form Bow Holders

Can you believe how cute these turned out? Many hours of intense labor have gone into this creation. Ta dah... my new bow holders! They are made to hold hair bows, headbands, and even little hair clips. Just like any other fabulous lady--multi-talented! This idea all started with a cute bow holder I saw at Hobby Lobby. It was a dress form made out of wood, painted, and then had tulle/ribbon stapled to the bottom. Clearly I am no artist and knew I couldn't paint wood to look posh, but baby I can sew! Several attempts later here we are. My girls were crazy for them. There is one in each of their rooms already (and they actually hang from a decorative hook). These princesses are mounted on a stand. Completely ready to adorn a lovely dresser or bathroom counter. I {heart} them - giggle, giggle! I also {heart} my incredible family - big smile! BTY, I have successfully completed three random acts of kindness today. Have you topped me???? I hope so...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Mallory's Stroller Bag

Okay, I said yesterday couldn't get any better, but it did. I took a Lush bath today. This actually qualifies for a shoulder scrunch giggle! I'm totally giddy. So, here's the latest creation. I have truly been sewing tons of things lately, but just not taking the time to take photos before I send them off. I'm kicking myself right now. I really wanted to be committed to blogging at least twice a week, but it's just not happening. Next week it won't happen either but for good reason. I leave in the morning for the beach. Beach and babes (the small children type; not buff, hot men). Total bliss!! This, I suppose, is supposed to be some fireworks for you and more to come after I get home. My first reveal of the stroller bag. Many of these have I made, but this will be the first documentation. It's sized perfectly to hold a small case of diaper wipes & diapers, plus any other small essentials. There's a small hook/link at the top to hook onto a stroller. I really feel super smart for my creation, but I know other people have made something like this. I want to be humble, but I at this moment I will confess... So many people have LOVED this type of bag that I've given them. It's a winner. So go on and tell my little bag that she's fabu! I hugged on her and kissed her before releasing her to a beautiful customer. Surely she will go on to a divine home. Oh, and just for you nosey little ones out there--yes, this design came from Embroitique. The designs are to die for! Seize life. Live it to the fullest.

P.S. Do you like my model?! That would be the sweet little PomPom. She's the baby kitty at our house that I love endlessly. I sooo promised that I would blog about my Devons one day & I haven't forgotten. This is still in the works.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Monogrammed Onesie

Oooh, Aaaah. Isn't she just the cutest thing of the day? If there is one rule in life, it should be that all newborn girls be poshed out! I L.O.V.E. this little onesie. I shall rush through this post because the day is getting away from me. Off to pick up sweet babes from school & package this up to send off. What a day... I'm sick, the house is a terrible wreck, no food for dinner (because the fridge is so dirty it needs cleaned before I can possibly buy any groceries), tests to study for with the babes, baseball game at dinner time, I haven't bathed today, laundry is behind, and I'm not sure what else is coming down on top of me. But... my husband is incredible, my children are so happy it's crazy, my BFF is as good to me as my own sister, and God's love is shinin' down on me!!! I don't think the day can get any better. Never forget to be thankful. Never forget to be kind. I'm smiling at you. Are you smiling back?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Header Heaven

Oh, I am beaming. I have a beautiful header on my blog! You may have noticed the multiple changes that were shockingly cruddy. After finally admitting I couldn't do it myself, I found just the right chicka to help me. NOW it is divine! Smooches galore to thephOtospOt for my creation. Her designs go from totally funky to deliciously girly. She is just the sweetest lady and got everything to me amazingly fast. I am super thankful and once again feel spoiled. Sometimes the smallest things in life are just grand...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Scrunchy Flowers

Drum roll please.....

Today is my first tutorial. I am shyly blushing. I wonder if anyone is truly interested in how I make something, but I suppose I'll find out. I do have 10 followers now. Consider that a perfect 10 for Sew Poshy!! I have actually had a few people ask about these flowers so I will document the making of one. Here's a pic of the end result. Isn't she a sweet little flower? Simply flowericious!! If I had all the time in the world, I would edge each flower in sparkly glitter. Someday... So if you want the super posh way of making little scrunchy flowers, squeal and click here. Have a fabulous day!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Pad Flower Bag

Here's the latest... I have the sweetest little friend who inspired my new bag. Peek at Liberty Original and you will see her fabu idea for these mega flowers. I squealed in delight when I saw her flower onsie! With permission I'm a copycatter!! My Super Duper Valentine gave me an I Pad this year (I'm officially spoiled rotten). I needed some posh protection for it & soooo didn't like the traditional cases you can buy for them. And ta dah, this is my creation. It's padded, lined in yummy raspberry colored fabric, and topped off with a rhinestone button. I simply strut around the house with it. The kids think I'm crazy. Let's hope the neighbors don't see me.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Korker Ribbon

Here's today's true love: korker ribbon!! I have always admired it, even ordered it online & hoarded over my little stash. Hoard no more--korker ribbon for everyone at my house!! I took the tiny plunge and baked some up for myself. Clearly it is as super easy as everyone says. I read numerous tutorials and studied lots of pictures, then set off on my adventure. I already had clothespins to hold the ends. A quick trip to the store for 1/4 inch dowels & I was ready to go. Here's the result of two batches so far...
Want my recipe?!? Okay, here's the scoop. After I wrapped the ribbon on my dowels I completed soaked them in water. I snuggled them on a cookie sheet and in they went, baked in a 225 degree oven for 45 minutes. I like to think of it as a posh sauna treatment. They came out perfect! Yes, I'm giggling. I think I'll make sweet little korker hair clips for my chubby babe. Just like icing on top!! :) Happy day to everyone. Smile lots today. It feels so good.