Monday, May 30, 2011

Bird Bag

Happy Memorial Day to all! Don't forget to call and thank your loved ones for protecting our precious country. I shall smooch my Pop and tell him how great he is!!

This is one of my latest bags. I read a blog several weeks ago about turning a pillowcase into a bag & it peeked my interest. Soooo, off shopping I went... I found a perfectly posh $2.99 set of pillowcases & went to work on my first pillowcase bag. LOVE it! I carry it everywhere now. Due to my random responsibleness (yes I made that up) and playing in the clouds all day long, I have no photo to show it to you. Just close your eyes--it's a black and silver damask print with hot pink bias tape. Can you picture it? Really yummy. Now along came my little bird bag. I didn't have the right color pillowcase for it, so I just cut out fabric in the same dimensions as a standard pillowcase. I found this sweet embroidery design on Embroidables. It stitched out so stinkin' cute! For my mother of course :) She loves birds. Even the fabric that lined the bag had fabu birds on it.

Here's a close up of the design. I love it.

I feel blessed to be able to create. I feel super blessed to be able to own a sewing machine and embroidery machine. I feel extraordinarily blessed to have the family that I do. God is great.