Saturday, May 12, 2012

Summer is almost here...

The days are getting warmer, longer, and harder to send the babes off to school.  The countdown has begun!!  We see that glorious light at the end of the school tunnel.  Oh how my family loves summer.  And oh how I love my family :)

Sooo...  So long school!  So long alarm clocks and carpool!  So long sewing/crafting!  There will only be time for chasing children and cleaning all their messes.  Well paid job?  NO.  Appreciated job?  NO.  Best job in the world?  TOTALLY!!!  

I do have a couple of photos I snapped ever so quickly before zipping off.  They all make me smile!  Wish I were better at taking pics, but usually I finish the work and then race out the door to deliver it.  One day I'll be organized (ha! ha!).  Fun fact: a sweet gentleman in my life calls me "Piddles".  You get the picture :). So here's what I have to offer... 

It's she adorable?? Totally in love! I have decided that the combination of pink and aqua is THE color combination of the season. Along with a zillion others I'm sure.  Next up, pink/aqua tote for yours truly! 

Here's a yummy baby gift. Triple trouble survival kit is what you call that! Zip out the door with these supplies and you're set for a little shopping trip. I vote Anthropologie. Goodness, gives me goosies just thinking about it :) 

Now back to girl!  Baby shower gift.  Her sweet onesie is in a cupcake box & the tutu around the outside.  Just lovely.

Now this is just for fun. Look at my new table decor! Stinkin' cute baby frogs! Just squeal... Didn't that feel good?!

Here's to warm days, loud children, and chaos.  Life is good!

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