Friday, October 28, 2011

Horrible picture?? Yes!!! Don't ask why, long story... It totally contributes to the fact that I haven't blogged in forever, but that's not today's story.

THIS is a story about Carnival Aprons. Okay, lovely side note -- that's my rump in my favorite Miss Me Jeans :). You smiled too, didn't you?! (Back to topic!) I have a super friend that is having a Carnival Party & needed some carnival aprons. It's red and white striped fabric. NO, I don't like sewing things like this. But I found myself offering my services right up when I knew they were an important part of the party. I even started making them immediately and have been sewing off and on throughout the day trying to finish them. A few minutes ago I started laughing at myself for the craziness!! Why am I so intent on creating something sooo basic, soooo not poshy, and certainly sooo not girly??????? And while feeding that silly fabric through my sewing machine, the realization came over me...

This is a tiny, bitty gift I am making for one of the sweetest people I know. My friend, M, is a God-send to me. During my darkest days of life, she was the only friend to rescue me. I had lost a very dear person in my life and was drowning in sorrow. Drowning. Badly. I will never forget the day she wrapped me in her arms on the floor of my basement and made the sun come out again. It was pure unconditional love. Since that time we have grown closer, grown wiser, and had the most fun ever. M brings pure happiness to my life. M is the bomb. M makes me do the happy dance. M is getting some super cute aprons from Sew Poshy with a big, fat kiss!!!!

Never forget to tell the people around you that they rock and you love them. Bet it makes them smile!!

BYW, this not so girly fabric is actually posh, it's Michael Miller :) What a lovely surprise for me!

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