Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bella's Halloween Bag

It's that time of year again... We now refer to Halloween as "Creepy Time." I still can't wrap loving arms around this holiday. All of my children seem fasinated with creepy time though. I'm sure it's the lure of candy jackpots and getting to dress up in wonderful costumes. I suppose I'll have to decorate the mantle again. I even might have to set out something orange (gross). BTW, the color orange makes my top 3 list of things I don't like. Well, maybe I can make a glitter pumpkin. That makes me smile!!

Now back to pink! Here's the newest trick or treat bag. Another amazing design from Embroitique! I would love to meet Ms. Embroitique and smooch her cheek. I can always count on something divine from her. Soooo, this "creepy" bag gets some posh. It only proves that there is no occasion where pink and sparkles don't fit in.

This bag has actually stirred the pot at my house... Suppose I'll be making a few more of them. Sounds like an all nighter :) (Yes, they're worth it!!!) Have you ever thought about what you want your children to remember about you the most? For me, love ranks up there pretty high. There's lots of it to go around - spread a little around (or alot!).

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