Friday, April 1, 2011

Mallory's Stroller Bag

Okay, I said yesterday couldn't get any better, but it did. I took a Lush bath today. This actually qualifies for a shoulder scrunch giggle! I'm totally giddy. So, here's the latest creation. I have truly been sewing tons of things lately, but just not taking the time to take photos before I send them off. I'm kicking myself right now. I really wanted to be committed to blogging at least twice a week, but it's just not happening. Next week it won't happen either but for good reason. I leave in the morning for the beach. Beach and babes (the small children type; not buff, hot men). Total bliss!! This, I suppose, is supposed to be some fireworks for you and more to come after I get home. My first reveal of the stroller bag. Many of these have I made, but this will be the first documentation. It's sized perfectly to hold a small case of diaper wipes & diapers, plus any other small essentials. There's a small hook/link at the top to hook onto a stroller. I really feel super smart for my creation, but I know other people have made something like this. I want to be humble, but I at this moment I will confess... So many people have LOVED this type of bag that I've given them. It's a winner. So go on and tell my little bag that she's fabu! I hugged on her and kissed her before releasing her to a beautiful customer. Surely she will go on to a divine home. Oh, and just for you nosey little ones out there--yes, this design came from Embroitique. The designs are to die for! Seize life. Live it to the fullest.

P.S. Do you like my model?! That would be the sweet little PomPom. She's the baby kitty at our house that I love endlessly. I sooo promised that I would blog about my Devons one day & I haven't forgotten. This is still in the works.


  1. Great stroller bag!!! Since I don't need a stroller bag anymore (thank goodness), I have some super ideas for your next design that would be oh so handy... A flashlight holder for a bike. A Frosty Frog Cup Cozy. A bag to hold kites. A sea shell collection bag that closes so that they don't fall out (like they do when you keep them in a bucket). A travel shoe bag large enough to hold 3 pairs of flip flops, 3 pairs of sandals and 3 pairs of tennis shoes (in orange please :) We'll talk about my compensation for these great ideas soon :) I'm sure they will be a hit!!

  2. Madelon, I've always told you how smart you are! Do I have 11 months to work on these super posh must-haves?? Such huge dreams... Orange, really? Pink is delicious in case you're wondering.