Monday, September 13, 2010

Sophia's BackPack

Look at this sweet little backpack! I made it for a toddler going to preschool. It is a simple drawstring bag just the right size for a beautiful child. The dangling ballet frog was included by special request & adds the giggle factor! Sophia is quite proud to be a big girl with her very own school bag. Inside there's a special bag for potty accidents: it's lined with waterproof material, flaunting ruffles, and monogrammed with "wet happened." So funny! The teachers really got a kick out of that. I was at a loss for finding fabric... we ended up with a shower curtain on the outside and lined it with a crib sheet (also the straps). Giggle again!! Always find time in your day to laugh. It brightens your soul and everyone around you. My mother has always giggled her way through life. It's fabulous and I love our daily chats (and giggles!).

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