Friday, August 21, 2009


Okay Liberty, you have properly tagged me... I am it & must now list 10 facts about myself. Certainly this will all be juicy gossip swirling around Sew Poshy! Here's the skinny:
  • Sew Poshy is tucked away in the basement of my home. My little company has been graciously given one room. But just like any other diva, she has spilled over into two adjoining rooms!
  • My Sew Poshy room is sprinkled with fairies and angels. Whimsical and beautiful things inspire me.
  • Sew Poshy is the triple threat. Her weapons consist of a sewing machine, embroidery machine, and serger.
  • Sew Poshy exists by the Grace of God! The real "Posh Boss" in this house is Christ Jesus.
  • Most of Sew Poshy's creations are designed and made in the morning... while watching Curious George of course.
  • I own no less than 12 pair of scissors. At any given time I can usually find 2 of them.
  • There are 20 boxes of ribbon on my shelves. I need at least 20 more to store the ribbon just randomly sitting around "unorganized." Oh well, my ribbon leads a gypsy's life.
  • Favs: Pink, ruffles and cute gadgets
  • Dislikes: Denim, orange and broken needles
  • There are little dollops of Lush sitting around Sew Poshy's room. Smelling luxurious scents as I piddle away on my beautiful fabrics makes me even happier.

There you have it. 10 facts. Not all important, but it gives you a little glimpse of me. Just little me. Tah Tah Darling...

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